Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It seems like a such a short list

This is the list I'm always talking about. The list of all the AWAA families anxiously waiting to be matched to a child. We're in Group 240. Our LID is not updated on here, but that blank is actually filled--11/24/05. Now we're waiting for the Referral (DOR= Date of Referral). There's no way of knowing how many groups will be processed at a time. But right now the rumor is the next batch will go through May 15th... which is 4 groups. That only leaves 27 until it's our turn to get THE call.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy New Year!

I would have posted this earlier, but I've been busy cleaning the paint off of my everything. We've finally started the nursery. With the New Year started, it finally is kicking in that we're going to have Kayla THIS year! So, we had to get started preparing for her. I'll post pictures once it's closer to done...but for now use your imagination: soft lavender, meadow green with dark green penstripes divided by white chair rail, and a peg board boarder of white daisies with yellow centers crowning the room.

And for everyone who keeps teasing me that she will end up a total tom boy, I will have at least my one year of everything girlie girl! After that I guess I'll have to learn the lingo of athletes and be willing to haul stinky kids from games to Cherry's for ice cream. However, I absolutely draw the line at her hacking up loogies in public on the field or off...that's grounds for punishment with ribbons and bows for a week!