Thursday, June 04, 2009

So much for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

Let's just start back up as if I never left off. Kayla's now pushing the ripe old age of 2.5 yrs. She can still throw down a serious tantrum when she hears the word "No", but at least now she understands that a two minute time out will follow. Of course, getting to the two minutes may still take up to 20 minutes (any Super Nanny fans out there?).

Kayla is chatting up a storm these days. Sometimes she's like my own little parrot. I find myself saying things just to hear her try to repeat it back...i.e. Mommy's sooo pretty, Daddy's job is to keep Mommy happy, I hope the stocks go up today so Mommy can retire early, etc. She also asks Watz dat Mommy? about every five minutes.

She's really good at "helping" now too. Yesterday when I picked her up from school she was eating a marshmallow. The teacher told me she got one for being the Super-duper-cleaner-upper for the day. So, I thought I'd try that title out at home and see where it would get me...yeah right, she's too smart for that.

Here's a pic of my little pride and joy to tide over any loyal readers that are still out there until I scrap some more....
Kayla still holds onto "baby" and sucks her thumb. Remember the old pillows that calmed her in the car seat? I've whittled it down to this more manageable size so far.