Sunday, July 23, 2006

Watch Out! Bobby has a *New-to-us* Car on the Road

First, let me just say we fully believe in buying cars about as often as men buy underwear-- only when it takes a major overhaul keep 'em together. At least I believe in this theory and Bobby now believes it by marriage. So, this Saturday a MAJOR decision was made after months of pondering whether the old blue chief could hold out just a little longer.

But at last, Old Blue was traded in for......

.......(imagine drum roll here)......

...................TA DAAAAA!!!!

Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Plenty of room for baby, plenty of cuteness for Daddy, with a price low enough for haggle happy Mommy.

Of course, just to keep us humble we promptly got a screw in the front tire today (of course, we did not buy the extended roadside warranty). So, Bobby is sweating outside right now trying to figure out how to put on the spare.

Thankfully, there was a spare because neither of us thought to check for that during the test drive. Also, luckily you can read the owners manual online...yep, that was missing too. But the radio and a/c seem to work fine...Guess we should print out a used car checklist before we start shopping for mine in a few months.

Update: Turns out the spare is crap...will need to replace both tomorrow...bummer

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ladies...THE invention of all time is finally here....

Girls, you must go check out the Magic Cone video. (Note, you might not want to watch this if the boss is looking over your shoulder.)

Thank goodness Lia Brynn had the foresight to research this before going to China. I will never fear a public restroom again.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Rumors are so bad...

You don't even want to know. Really.

Virtual hugs appreciated.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Picture of Life in an Orphanage

To see why my frustration at the wait runneth over as our *wait* to be matched drags on and on and on click here and watch this family's video of the SWI (orphanage) they visited back in May 2006.

While the SWI does fortunately appear clean and sanitary, there are simply not enough workers to give this many babies the attention they require and deserve. It makes me very sad that my fur-babies (love them as I do) will receive more attention than most of these little ones over the next few months.

And, it makes me even sadder to know that it is not because of lack of parents-in-waiting...It's simply the inefficient, bureaucratic, political, mind-numbingly slow *process*.

While we wait, God please hold our children close to your heart.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Really, I should NOT read Rumors before bed...

As fast as there were good rumors yesterday, they have turned south today. Oh well! Back to the ole' most likely 18 months before referral scenario (which is March 2007 for us). At least that little shocker yesterday was enough to get me motivated to start preparing again. If nothing else, maybe I can be pretty much *baby-ready* before tax season gets going next year.

(Pathetic how my life is planned around IRS deadlines, isn't it?)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I Should NOT read Rumors before Bed!!!!

I was just going to check my e-mail really quick before bead. Then of course I had to quickly stop by the Rumor Queen's blog How am I supposed to sleep with pictures of possible referrals floating through my head? Granted, it is just a rumor....but the CCAA folks meeting with the Aussies told a late November LID (like us) that they should receive a referral in FOUR months!!! This is the ONLY good rumor I have heard in months!!! Even though they've been saying they're trying to keep the wait at 12 months, I've more or less been preparing myself for closer to 18 months.....which when I do the math now puts me incredibly behind in everything!!! Packing lists, books I haven't read, the changing table is still not put together, the nursery's only half done......I need to get the rest of my sleep in for about, what, eighteen years or so?

Okay everyone, start sending positive thoughts our way... how about hoping she's home by January? Is a trip to China over Christmas too much to hope for?

Sweet dreams!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Announcing the newest family member.....

Winnie the Cat

I had to post this since on the Sunday Morning show they did a piece on blogs and mentioned that no one is really reading the old I-got-a-new-kitten posts. Heeheee...come on, humor me by leaving a comment if you read this.

Note---I have decided I will add a new cat to the family for every additional six months added to my paper pregnancy. This is for no reason other than kittens are very entertaining and it's kind of fun to watch her torment the poodles.

Yardwork vs. Housework: Is it even a question?

Top 5 Reasons that I will mow the grass over dusting any day...


Yard work can be disguised as fun by calling it "gardening" and a hobby. There is no such thing as a "vacuuming club". Although I do have sick friends that consider dishwashing a "stress reliever".


When I mow the grass, I can see where I've been and how much is left. It's a sense of accomplishment to complete this task. If I can see where I've been when I'm dusting, it means I'm a terrible housekeeper because I must not have dusted in a loooonnnggg time. This leaves me with only a sense of guilt and dread of how much is left to do.


Yard work is not to be done when it is thundering and lightening outside, therefore there is no reason not to take a nap. On the other hand, a good rainstorm provides an opportunity to clean out those messy closets...Hence my nap is spoiled, or at least riddled with guilt.


Pulling weeds is done in the out in the beautiful sunshine giving me vitamin D (uh...I think it's D.) Housework is done inside and gives me sneezing fits because of all the dust I'm inhaling (see reason #4 for a reminder).


Yardwork comes to a screeching stop in the winter, ahhh! It's like a vacation...of course, housework is never done.

So, my sweet Bobby, if you read this anytime soon, go ahead and prepare yourself for the fact that I'm interviewing housekeepers again. One bad experience is not a good enough reason to starve another entrepreneur from an opportunity to earn a buck (and these days...I do mean EARN it).

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