Thursday, January 31, 2008

My adorable Kayla...

Ever noticed how people roll their eyes when you start out a story this way? You can tell they're trying to figure out a way to get out of listening to stories about your wonderful kids, dogs, spouse, etc. but you've got them cornered and they must at least feign interest for a minute while they plot their escape. So while I've got you cornered...

Yesterday, I stayed at work for a marketing event which put me home late. Bobby had dropped off and picked up Kayla from daycare, so I hadn't seen her all day. Since I was going through Kayla cuteness withdrawals, we decided to be a little selfish and keep her up past her bedtime so I could get my cuteness fix. About thirty minutes past her bedtime, she was going into that second-wind-hyper-overdrive mode. She was crawling back and forth over Bobby, pulling up on me and squeezing my nose (so I would say Honk!), trying to practice her standing on plastic boxes, etc. I knew the fun would have to come to an end soon to keep her out of the total meltdown stage when she finally realized how tired she was. In the meantime, Bobby started bouncing one of her squeaky toy balls off the wall. This attracted the dogs' attention and they came running in and barking at the ball everytime he threw it. Kayla started giggling. So he kept it up. Then she started laughing. Then she started bouncing and laughing. Then add in her little arms flapping. (Okay, I know, this story would be so much better if one of us had went to get the video camera.) By the end, she was trying to throw the balls for the dogs, which really just meant holding out her little arm and opening her hand for them to take it from her. She laughed until she had hiccups. Big funny hiccups.

Next time I promise to try and get it on video. You may now leave your corner without feeling rude.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lucky Mama

I really couldn't ask for more. Well, maybe I just shouldn't ask for more...I'm back at my "outside" job this week. All the mommies in the office tell me it will get easier, or at least less hard. I miss Kayla. How about one small favor from Father Time--please make the evening hours feel like they last longer than the daily grind hours. Who's with me?

These days Kayla:
  • Has three teeth, 2 bottom and 1 top
  • Weighs 19 lbs and is 29 inches long
  • Can pull up on furniture and sometimes stand by herself.
  • Says Mama to me and dadadada to everything
  • Loves to push buttons on toys, remote controls, telephones, etc.
  • Babbles at me when she's mad "Blah blah blah..." I think Bobby taught her that!
  • Is starting to put shaped blocks into the right holes in toys
  • Eats almost anything we put in front of her...assuming she's in the mood, we fixed it to her exact specifications, and she isn't already snacking on a piece of dogfood.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Picture from 1st Birthday!

Back in January, we had a small gathering for New Year's Day at Kayla's Great Grandma Mac's house. Since the family was all gathered, we stuck hats on everyone, handed out noise makers, and let Kayla dig into a cupcake. She didn't care for the hat, wanted to eat the candle, and cried when we didn't get the icing off her hands fast enough. Thank goodness the party was short and sweet.

Happy Birthday baby girl!