Thursday, August 30, 2007

Maybe next week

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hanging in there...barely

A fellow November LID posted this on RQ forum and I thought it fits my attitude to a tee right now. Here's to hoping tomorrow brings good, exciting rumors that come true. Now off to bed I go. Zzzzzzzzz.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Quickie only....

Rumors still pointing to getting at least to the 24th (that's us! hope they get further for everyone's sake).....and possibly this week...but maybe next....still that's POSSIBLY THIS WEEK!!!!!

Okay...I'm going back to bury myself in my job now. Wake me up when I have a kid.

PS- Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers from Friday. Your support means the world to us!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

All aboard the rumor train!!!

First Rumors have hit on China Adopt Talk....if you don't want to hear it, stop reading now.

The rumor is the cutoff will be Nov. 24th (our LID). This is nerve racking considering the first rumors are usually the too-good-to-be-true pie-in-the-sky kind of rumors. I'm just going to try and focus on the fact if we're not this month, we're definitely the next.


My small group from church asked if we would like the group to set next Friday aside to fast and pray for all matters about our adoption. Okay, I feel a little selfish considering everyone has something that needs prayer...but at this point we'll take all the help we can get! So, we've thankfully accepted the offer. I do believe in the power of prayer. If anyone else wants to join in our prayers on Friday, below is what we're holding out to God.

  • Pray she (or he) is healthy and well cared for by the nannies or foster parents
  • Pray she will attach easily and accept us as her parents quickly
  • Pray for her caregivers
  • Pray the paperwork continues smoothly, that it is accurate, and the remaining process is predictable
  • Pray for us to accept God's timing and continue to learn His way is perfect.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ewwwww!!!!! Gross...

This is totally off topic...but I was just surfing around on Google because I had "redneck sushi" stuck in my head. More accurately I was curious if there was such a thing and it turns out there is. (That's pork and okra wrapped in rice and collards if you're curious too. Sounds yummy.)

Then I managed to work myself over to YouTube through a series of links and procrastination from reconciling my checking account which is why I sat down at the computer in the first place . So I watched a cute video of a camera placed on a sushi conveyor belt in Tokyo taking candids of the patrons. All cuteness and quirkiness ends here.

I was led to a link called Frog Sushi...stupid me clicked it.

Stupider me watch them skin the frog (okay, that's icky...but we do that to chickens too).

Idiot me did not realize the FROG WAS STILL ALIVE and I proceeded to watch the man eat the slow drippy beating heart off the end of chopsticks before I could get to the stop button. NASTY!!! I hope I never have so much culture that I can "appreciate" swallowing live prey. Gross.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

What's up doc?

We're up NEXT Baby!!!!

At least, most likely, probably, hopefully and all those disclaimers. Keep your fingers crossed that we'll hear something by mid-September. Families logged in through 11-21-2005 were matched last week. Woohoo!!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Guilty until Proven a Parent

The following dry script is based on recent encounters with the helthcare system by two different families from our local FCC chapter.

Setting: Local children's hospital.

Situation: Child needs minor surgery/procedure and parent is filling out typical office forms

Medical worker: (Looks at the Asian child and looks at the White parent). Is she adopted?

Parent: Yes. Six months ago.

Medical worker: I'll need proof you are the parent before the surgery can be performed.

Parent: I have my insurance card right here with my daughter listed as my dependent.

Medical worker: That's not sufficient. You will need to bring in the adoption papers.

This seems like an obvious case of that-hospital-employee-is-an-idiot to me. Of course, I'm biased. I'm also tired of being looked at with suspicion and my fitness of deserving to be a parent questioned. This is probably the result of going through three home studies and still having no child to show for it. Yeah, I'm testy for sure.

Just the same, if I force myself to look at it from the hospital's potential liability point of view...they're still idiots. Is there some study out there that whites generally abduct Asian children, so we must be extra cautious to check their papers? I think not. Are they really just trying to protect the children? Thanks, then how about protecting all of the children and not just the transracially adopted children. Oh, and I didn't mention that one of the mom's also has a white son (also adopted) who has been treated at this very hospital--she never had to provide proof he was her child.

I'm glad these parents shared their stories because it gives me a chance to formulate answers before the situation even comes up. Nothing I despise more than giving a bumbling, compliant answer that later I will replay over and over again wishing I had done things differently. Some chapter members suggested the mothers should write a letter to the hospital. Some suggested media attention to help educate the masses. I'm not yet sure what I would do in this situation. I do know I would feel offended and would want to stand up for our family. But, I also know that once Kayla is a certain age and understands these conversations with idiots, I'll have to temper my answers to keep her feelings top priority.


Given we've all had those foot in the mouth episodes (i.e. when's the baby due...she's six months old, thanks for asking...yikes!), I thought this might be a good place to go over some "did they really just ask that" questions I've gathered from others who've been there and done well as some of my favorite answers. This may help friends and family have ready answers as well when you're out and about pulling babysitter duty (smile).

Q- How much did she cost?

Smart Answer (SA)- All my heart.

Educational Answer (EA)- Buying children is both illegal and unethical. If you're interested in knowing more about gov't fees and donations for someone you know that's adopting, I'd be happy pass on my agency's website to you.

Q-What is she?

SA- She looks human to me.

EA- Do you mean what is her ethnicity? She is Chinese.

Q-Won't you have to teach her to speak English?

SA- What baby do you know that didn't have to learn to speak English?

EA- Babies learn to speak the language that is spoken around them.

Q-Why China when there are children in the USA that need homes?

SA- Is that where you're adopting from? Oh, you're not adopting? I just thought you might be since you're so interested in making sure the children in the good ole USA are taken care of.

EA- China was the right choice for us at this time for many reasons.

Q-Are you going to tell her she's adopted?

SA- Seriously? Have you even looked at us?

EA- It will be pretty obvious. Besides, I want to share her adoption story with her.

Q- Are you her real Mom/Dad?