Thursday, June 28, 2007

Where are the Rumors???

Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's been awhile

Hey strangers! I know, I know...what kind of blogger am I to just up and leave for practically a month with no warning? Well, after the last batch of referrals (that only managed to eek out another 6 days) I was a very depressed blogger, then a somewhat apathetic blogger, and now I'm back on track.

Today we pass another milestone

I'm still hopeful we will travel by the end of the year. I doubt we will receive our referral before October.

What I know about the wait is -- This too shall pass. Just like everything else that's hard to swallow.

Hang in there other November LIDs. We're on the last stretch now.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Odds and Ends

  • I had a hot date!!!
We receieved a much needed downpoor on Saturday which gave us an excellent reason to skip the yardwork and head out for a matinee date. Of course I promptly picked the Worst Date Movie EVER!!! "Knocked Up"...what was I thinking? Okay, I was thinking it would be a light hearted romantic comedy with a little rough language. Yuck! Yuck! and Yuck! Instead it was a film that left me with the ICK--depressed---no wonder our world is so messed up feeling. I give it a big thumbs down.

  • Hey, Hey, we're the Monkeys

There will be no more Tales from the Zebras, but don't cry--we've been promoted to the House of Monkeys! Still 3 year olds, still adorable...just a few more in the class. We had nine today. May I just say once again, my hat is off to daycare workers and preschool teachers across the land. They are an absolute blast, but still required a l.o.n.g. afternoon nap to recuperate...or was that the BBQ we ate for lunch?
  • The List
This went on hold again after the bad rumors hit the boards last week. You don't even want to know how bad. Apparently, it is just in my nature to need a deadline (aka procrastinate) in order to put my butt in motion.

  • Gift from the Grandparents-To-Be

This little gift rates pretty high on the cute-o-meter. It's a CD that plugs in Kayla's name during first couple of songs. They are catchy tunes and Sunday School songs. The label of the CD is really sweet.

Here's the website where you can buy this an all kinds of other goodies.

In Other News
  1. I've subscribed to quite a few more blogs which are added in the "SO CLOSE" section. These are mostly fellow November LIDs. Some are early in the month, so we should see some sweet chubby cheeks and estactic posts soon.
  2. Not all Kitty Litter is created equal. We will be switching back to Fresh Steps Multi Cat strength faster than you can say..."do you smell that?" Yes, we only have one cat...but whew-whee!
  3. You can look forward to an upcoming post of before and after pictures of the poochies after being groomed (sorry...until we get a referral it's the best I've got).