Thursday, June 05, 2008

Easter in June

Well, at least half of my Easter collage is complete so I'm showing it in June anyway. This scrapbooking stuff is addictive.

Kayla's First Easter

It's been a little over six months now since Kayla's been home. Sometimes it still feels like yesterday and sometimes it's hard to remember life before she was here.

Kayla's running around and babbling away in her own little baby language. I joke that sometimes when she's whispering to herself she reminds me of Children In the Corn (for anyone old enough to remember that movie...where the away with their parents). Her real words at 17 months are: Mama, Dada, bath, and side which is short for outside. She's twice as tall as when we met and her hair is long enough for me to have a little fun...that is when I can get some cooperation.

What can I say? Life is better for having our Kayla in it.