Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Giving the finger(s) to Month 14

That's right, as of next week we've hit the 14 month mark.

I picked up this link to Chinese number gestures during my nightly Rumor Queen reading ritual in the thread with the tips on negotiating good bargains when shopping in China. (I think it is very cool they only need one hand to count to ten. It should be much easier shop without putting down whatever purchase I just negotiated with the other hand.)

Packing, travelling, shopping, and staying-sane-on-the-plane-with-your-baby type posts are actually starting to catch my interest again. My best guess for referral on a good day is April and on a bad day it's June. On a really, really bad day it's August.

Today is a good day. I think I'll start my *must* bring home from China list soon. Anybody want something special for Christmas next year?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I spy...a ladybug!

I know, I know...It's all superstition.

Or is it?

Rumors have it that referrals are on their way. Good luck to all the September 2005 families in waiting!

You may need to cut me some slack in the superstition department. This southern girl still believes good luck comes in a can of black-eyed peas and a box of instant rice on New Year's Day.
(I never claimed to be much of a cook either, so go ahead and cut me a little slack in the kitchen as well.)

Only, five to six months more until our call is coming!